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Eff Eee Eee Ell Eye Enn Gee See Aye double Ell Eee Dee Ell Ohh Vee Eee

Inspired by a birthday present given to Isabelle OC this week (a bespoke T-shirt with a list of her loves and hates on it, which is AMAZING), I have done an A-Z of things that bring me JOY and an … Continue reading

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Ain’t about the cha-ching cha-ching

I can’t think of a finer way to celebrate the jewel in south London’s crown, the Lambeth Country Show, than to pay homage to it in gifs. Welcome to my world, it involves pigs, carrots, beer, burgers and a miniature … Continue reading

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Take my breath away…

…well, what else would I title a post about BERLIN? And it is a city that takes my breath away, every damn time. It knocks my socks off; it’s my Madonna’s New York (other cities make me feel like a … Continue reading

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Red beans and rice didn’t miss her

I don’t often venture to West London, because, well, WEST LONDON. (The mapin my head of London goes: Brixton, work, Soho, river; everywhere else, HERE BE DRAGONS.) But I was tempted to go to the left, to the left by … Continue reading

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We’ll drink till we start to see lovely pink elephants

There are few things in this dark dark world that I love more than gin. My top ten life loves: Playing the “between levels” Super Mario Brothers games on Nintendo Original Flava to earn extra gold coin and for LOLs. … Continue reading

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It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished ’em well

My dear university friend Sarah is a volcanologist studying Vulcans in Alaska with her paramour Silvio, a fellow volcanologist from Rome. This pair of Vesuvius-loving geekazoids got hitched on Saturday in London and held the reception at a Moroccan-themed restaurant. … Continue reading

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Ra ra Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine

Well, what else was I going to title a review of a Russian restaurant? Last night I had dinner at Mari Vanna, during its soft opening period. There are already three other outposts of this kitschy resto worldwide, in St … Continue reading

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