Much like Clark Kent and Superman, I have two identities. YA author and editor/proofreader/copy-editor/sub-editor. Email me at

I have an MA (Distinction) in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion and more than ten years experience in editorial services. I've copy-edited and proofread YA and MG for self-published authors and publishers such as Scholastic and Unbound, while my sub-editor CV includes ELLE, InStyle, Livingetc, Marie Claire, Stylist, Sunday Times Style and Wallpaper*. I was chief sub-editor of the biannuals ELLE Collections, ELLE Wedding and Marie Claire Runway.

I can work in American, Australian or British English, and use either the OED or Chambers, according to preference. Prices subject to change. I ask to see a 1,000-word sample before agreeing to a commission, in order to give you an accurate quote. Turnaround: three weeks for a full manuscript (up to 80,000 words). Two weeks for a query critique. Please email me through the contact form for a quote or availability.

Line-editing. £4 per 1,000 words. I use Track Changes in Word to pick apart your manuscript's voice at sentence, paragraph and scene level. Are your dual POV voices too similar? Do your characters all speak the same way? How many times have you used that metaphor? Could this paragraph be cleaned up a little? Suitable for manuscripts pre- or post-copy edit, this is more for those eye-rolling, shrugging characters whose behaviour is inconsistent, though I will correct any major spelling or grammar errors too.

Copy-editing. £4 per 1,000 words. I use Track Changes in Word to examine your manuscript's grammar, punctuation, spelling and consistency. Does that blue-eyed boy next door suddenly have brown eyes on page 93? Is it spelled hummus, houmous and hoummus in the same paragraph? How did it get to be August when the last chapter was May? Why isn't the time of sunset changing over the course of a year?

Proofreading. £3 per 1,000 words. I use Track Changes in Word, or a red or blue pen if I'm working on a typeset manuscript, to pore over a clean, copy-edited manuscript, searching for accidental double spaces after a full stop, erroneous commas, absent speech marks, duplicate words, and every stray error that may have crept in or been missed during your editing process.

An Americanization or anglicization copy-edit. £5 per 1,000 words. More for publishers than authors, but I'll happily do this for any manuscript that needs it. A copy-edit that also includes line edits to "translate" a manuscript from the US to the UK, or vice versa. I'll spellcheck for all those double/single consonants and words with/without the U, but also look at vocabulary changes, obscure brand-names, sentence structure and culture differences, with suggestions for changes that won't affect the voice. Track Changes in Word or on paper.

Query package. £50. I use Track Changes in Word to copy-edit your first three chapters (up to 10,000 words), edit your synopsis (up to two pages) and your one-page query letter or email. It also includes a follow-up proofread of the chapters, synopsis and letter once you've worked on my copy-edits and edits, to ensure you're sending off a squeaky-clean query. And I'll double-check the requirements to make sure you're sending your dream agent exactly what they've asked for.