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Take my breath away…

…well, what else would I title a post about BERLIN? And it is a city that takes my breath away, every damn time. It knocks my socks off; it’s my Madonna’s New York (other cities make me feel like a … Continue reading

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You don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s what makes you beautiful

Let’s chat beauty! (As if I talk about much else. Well, I talk about teen television, especially Pacey’s Creek; sci-fi and fantasy; my desire to open a bakery with my dad where we only open when we feel like it … Continue reading

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I have the city sickness growing inside me

I’ve got that Friday feeling… By which I mean I’m bored and I wish I didn’t have to come into work at 8.30 on the last day of the week, it makes the day draaaaaag. I’m 30 years old, what … Continue reading

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